First Name :   Hutch
Comment :   Thanks for the color choices you have with the Mirrolures. Great tackle and advice.
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First Name :   craig
Comment :   was looking around for a weighted snagging hook(for mullet) with no luck i decided to stop by precision i walked into the door was greeted and ask for the hooks. they new right away what i was looking for.boom i bought two.great place,Ill be bac
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First Name :   don
Comment :   thanks for all of your help and what a nice place you have i well be back
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First Name :   Jason
Comment :   Love the shop guys! Good products at very competitive prices! Its the only place ill be buying any gear from now on, thanks for the great job!
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First Name :   Captain Randy
Comment :   Thank you Dave for the opportunity of meeting you and visiting your store. I will be giving you my business and telling everyone where to get their fishing supplies.
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