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Comment :   Alot of those things that were mentioned for schizophrenia are also some of the views expressed by Goths. Does that mean everyone in the Gothic Culture has schizophrenia? What about Satan worship? I worship Satan but Im not some evil insane person, or am
First Name :   Carol
Comment :   The following part of this url, needs some corrections. The words are enclosed in (((( )))) for you. Paul Tournier, a Christian physician from Switzerland, calls true guilt value guilt and he calls false guilt ((((functinal)))) guilt. Tournier
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Comment :   I think this is a fantastic site - I find myself perusing again and again and sending lots others here for info. Thanks!
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Comment :   I am absolutely at my wits end with my room mate, who unfortunately I rely on until I can get funds at the end of this month. I thought initially that he was narcisstic, but after reading your site believe he may have PPD. He brings up sexual subjects,
First Name :   Dave
Comment :   My thinking, now, is that the Christian theological psychology of Reinhold Niebuhr gives the best account of human nature and the dynamic of sin.
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