First Name :   Richard Birchall
URL :   
Comment :   Its so nice to have a place to read about REAL Masonic history. So often all you come across are conspiracy theories about a secret society. As an E.A. with a desire to learn real facts, thank you!
First Name :   Leo
URL :   Tate
Comment :   I joined Siloam Lodge in 1977. I have a perpetual membership I am glad to see by your calender that you are doing so many degrees.
First Name :   James
URL :   
Comment :   I have really enjoyed myself since becoming an EA.
First Name :   Frank
URL :   
Comment :   I think this is good. Keep it going.
First Name :   Jonathan Bennett
URL :   
Comment :   I found what I was looking for (time and location of your meetings) on your website.
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