First Name :   Cherry
Comment :   Just coming to leave a message about the passing of one of your Lodge Brothers, Robert Carlile Smith, who was raised in your Lodge June 15, 1954. Robert passed away May 15, 2012, in El Paso, Texas.
First Name :   Range Cloyd Jr
Comment :   Brotherly greetings from Germany. Having been raised at the age of 22 on Aug. 14, 1956,(Master:Glen I.Pipher) I guess I am one of the older Siloam brothers still living. It would be nice to get a 50 year pin and to hear from my Mother Lodge in Oklahoma (P
First Name :   bob heady
Comment :   Siloam member living in Indianapolis, in 317-775-9965
First Name :   Mark Burke
URL :   
Comment :   old member of lodge 276, Living in the Philippines, site should have contact numbers and emails. Hope all are well.. Mark
First Name :   Bro. Nick Duplechine
URL :   
Comment :   I will be in town next week. I will try to make the stated communication on this tuesday. (256)616 5252
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